Thank you for your interest in this study. This is a study on brain and cognitive development in healthy, typically developing individuals that uses MRI measures.

This study is for children who are 36-54 months at the time of enrollment. Children must be habitual nappers (defined as napping 5 or more days/week on average for the past month) at the time of enrollment. Children must be sleeping independently (not bedsharing; in order to maintain consistent sleep not interrupted by others). Parents/legal caregivers must be 18 years or older.

For safety reasons, there are some conditions that would make your child unable to participate in the study (e.g. metal in his/her body). We are also not able to include children with any of the following conditions:

(1) diagnosis of any sleep disorder (other than mild parasomnia which is routine at this age) past or present

(2) current use of psychotropic or sleep-altering medications 

(3) traveling beyond 1 time zone within 1 month prior to testing 

(4) fever or symptoms of respiratory illness at the time of testing

(5) physical handicap which interferes with assessments 

(6) diagnosed developmental disability 

(7) history of neurological injury such as history of seizures, brain tumor, or stroke  

(8) presence of metal in the body (e.g., implant of any form) or other contraindication for MRI (e.g., claustrophobia, which is rare at this age). 

(9) external influences on nap habits (e.g., inability to nap due to school or caregiver schedule or interfering activities during a typical naptime) including if the child will enroll in full-day kindergarten by the end of the study. Caregivers will also be queried for the presence of interfering activities throughout enrollment (e.g., EMA, sleep diaries at each wave). 

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